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Surfing Equipment For Rent!

At Vast Oceans Surf & SUP School we offer the best Surf Rentals in Daytona Beach possible. We make learning to surf both fun and safe for everyone. Vast Oceans offers Daytona Beach surf rentals under the sign for the world’s most famous beach. Stop by our school location to discover your surfing adventure today!

We’re dedicated to helping you learn to surf. If you need to rent surf equipment in Daytona Beach then you’ve come to the right place. We have all the latest equipment.

We have all the latest in surfing equipment:

  • High performance short boards (with leash)
  • Fishes (with leash)
  • Long boards (with leash)
  • Soft boards (with leash)
  • Body boards/Boogie Boards (with leash)
  • Stand-up Paddle boards (with leash)
  • Beach Cruisers/Bicycles
  • Rash guards
  • Wet suits

We carry a huge selection of surf rentals in Daytona Beach. With our friendly staff and experienced customer service we promise you’ll be stoked with your surfing rental.

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The BEST surf rentals for surfing in Daytona Beach!

We’re dedicated to teaching you how to surf. If you rent surfing equipment, you’ve come to the right place.
We have all the latest equipment. We offer services in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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